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5 Things to know about London if you are visiting for the first time

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Before leaving to London make sure you check these five tips we offer you, in order to make your holiday enjoyable.

  1. Bring an umbrella or a raincoat

London is known for her unpredictable skies, you never know when the rain may come up so you better put an umbrella in your bag if you don’t want to pay 10 £ for an umbrella in the city centre. The locals know their weather so they are doing good business by selling to tourists umbrellas for even 15£. Also, another option for the rainy London, would be having a raincoat . It’s not only practical but stylish at the same time.

2. Apologise when is the case

Politeness defines the brits. They do tend to say sorry whenever they feel they disturbed you in any situation, no matter how insignificant that will be. They usually say sorry when even it’s not their fault. So blend in and try to be as polite as they are even for one day.

3. Use Oyster Card

Transportation from one place to another in London can get quite expensive. So be prepared by getting one of these cards, you can get them online or you can get them at the station. It will simplify your transport experience in London and it will be much cheaper than getting individual tickets every time. It’s almost 50% cheaper if you choose to get an Oyster Card.

4. Experience the night life

If you are in London you must experience the night life. You need to have a beer in their famous pubs. Also the restaurants offers you a variety of tasty cuisine, you can have from Italian food to Chinese, Lebanon and so on.
If you are in mood for dancing you can hit the night clubs. The clubs in central London are open from 10 am till 2 am . After that, the night can continue in a private gentlemen’s club, where you can enjoy a good glass of wine in the company in London Escorts. You can end your night at a luxury hotel in Central London, accompanied by a beautiful escort.

5. Enjoy the free attractions

In London you have the possibility to admire their cultural attraction for free. You can visit the British Museum, the Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace and much more.
Central London is packed with historical buildings. You can get very quickly there and see most of them in one day as they are close to each other. And when you get tired you can always stop to have a drink at a pub next to Big Ben and admire the view while you enjoy your drink.

Just book your trip to London and you won’t regret it!